Community Events

Mosaic Art



When: May 18th from 11:00AM – 3:30 PM 

More information coming soon.

Space will be limited to 8, so please look at your calendar now and let me know your intentions.

Earth Day



All around the world we see human activity destroying or contributing to the rapid reduction of plants and wildlife. We see it all around us whether in a small stream, a desert, a forest, or the oceans.

Please look to see where your heart pulls you and use Earth Day, Monday, April 22nd, to be the day you begin too or forward your earth project. Support a group or organization, take the time to rethink your practices or create a new practice to assist the Earth. 

In nature nothing is wasted, so let’s re-imagine the use of our resources and reduce waste. We can view our waste as a resource. Even food scraps, if handled properly, can become the fertilizer for new plants. Please buy your veggies and fruits without packaging. It begins with us.

Use this day to reimagine…the planet and our future generations are counting on us.

Love, Pamela

Despacho Fun Day



When: March 31st from 12:00AM – 3:00pm

We will spend the afternoon together creating despacho kits. 

We will make candies, and lovingly put together kits and make them accessible to all for a small fee. We reinvest the moneys made on the kits to replace our community supply to always have the best for Pachamama and the Apus. What you’ll receive for your service, is a fun afternoon with others from the allyu, and a despacho kit for yourself. I will serve light refreshments. Please look at your calendar now, and let me know if you’ll be participating. 

In my travels and experiences I have found practitioners and institutions that I would highly recommend.
        Please look at the services they provide and web sites, if they call to you please follow that calling.
        Check back often, as we will be adding more to the community.

About Us

Pamela Panneton


Pamela Panneton is committed to being in service to others, creating community, and facilitating spiritual awareness. She is a Reiki Master, An Mesa Carrier in the Andean Shamanic tradition and has received several initiations from highly respected medicine men and women of the high Andes. She is a trained Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist, and is educated in Crystal therapies. In 2011 Pamela was given permission by Joao Teixeira de Faria, to use a crystal bed in her sessions which she has integrated into her practice. 

Pamela is gifted in hosting and coordinating large events. She takes groups on spiritual pilgrimages and retreats. Prior to that she owned and ran her own business and facilitated educational programs for over 1600 people for Landmark Education.  Pamela has a commitment to serve the community and to assist others to discover their own life path through healing and education. She shares from her heart with tukuy'munayniyoc (universal, unconditional love) authenticity and a straight forward nature. Pamela teaches Andean shamanism, Shamanic journeying, healing with crystals.  

She has an office in Sykesville where she accepts appointments for Healing sessions in Shamanic Energy Medicine, Crystal Bed therapy,  Quantum Hypnosis Past life therapy, and Spiritual counseling.

Jenny Ehrhardt


Jenny Ehrhardt a Licensed Massage Therapist and Herbal Enthusiast started her journey  on the path of alternative healing years ago. She owns two businesses one as  a Massage Therapist practicing in Hampden the other which is her heart is the herbal Apothecary right in the heart of her community that she owns and operates. Jenny creates her own products from plants in her garden and  other organic sources.  Jenny also offers “Weeds are  plants too” tours in her backyard and local park with children and adults. Jennys has studied with many herbal sages Rosemary Gladstar, Duke and many others. 

Herbs are the People’s Medicine is her belief and everyone carries  the wisdom of the plants if they just listen. 

Zensations Apothecary Hampden

3408 (door to the left) Chestnut Ave.

Baltimore, Md. 21211


or find her on Facebook

Zensations By Jen

Jose Luis Herrera



Jose Luis Herrera, a Peruvian native, was born into the 10,000 year old tradition of mountain and jungle wizards and mystics. During the last 27 years he has traveled extensively studying the different medicine traditions of the Americas with particular interest in his native Andes and Amazon. He’s a trained naturalist, explorer, and mountain guide. While he was formally educated in Engineering and Systems Sciences, his close connection with the Apus (mountain spirits) led him to climb many mountains in Peru and Bolivia. The extensive baggage of expeditions, studies, and experiences have made him one of the foremost experts in Peru. He’s the Chairman of the Andean Research Institute, a foundation dedicated to the preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and Ecology of the Rainforest. Jose Luis is highly respected and a recognized steward and teacher of indigenous knowledge and healing technologies. He’s the director of the Rainbow Jaguar Institute and teaches Cross Cultural Shamanism and Healing in the Americas and Europe. His prestigious shamanic healing school has mentored, trained, and empowered hundreds of individuals and shamanic practitioners.