Tracking and Divination with Jose Luis Herrera

Residential Retreat

Retreat Dates: Thursday-Sunday  Sept. 19, 20, 21 & 22 of 2019

Location: Claymont Society Mansion 

667 Huyett Rd. , Charles Town, WV 25414 


This is a residential retreat and unique opportunity for mesa carriers who teach energy work, are shamanic practitioners, remote healers, mediums, Reiki practitioners, or practice any intuitive healing modality.

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. Tracking is a avenue to follow energy regarding yourself or others to find the original source of physical or emotional illness. Or it can be used to track into the future to access a destiny which you are healed and leading a creative fulfilling life. Both tracking and divination skills used by the shaman will assist the client (or herself) to the healed state.

▪We will learn how to achieve heightened states of awareness.

▪We will learn to change the momentum of the past that formulates our health, our journey, and our mind.

▪We will learn to change our relationship with the cultural conditioning, which predisposes healing.

 ▪We will return home with several methods to track and divine for ourselves and others. 

This workshop will explore the shaman’s way of seeing through the Kawaq Karpays (The Seer Rites). Different techniques of seeing for divination or tracking will give you access to physical, emotional, spiritual, and future information.

Divination and tracking methods used will include: leafs, corn, stones, cekes, candles, auras, mirrors, shells, and dream-time.

Our Teacher: Jose Luis Herrera, a Peruvian native, was born into the thousand year old tradition of mountain and jungle wizards and mystics. During the last 27 years he has traveled extensively studying the different medicine traditions of the Americas with particular interest in his native Andes and Amazon. He is a trained naturalist, explorer and mountain guide. While formally educated in Engineering and Systems Sciences, his close connection with the Apus (mountain spirits) led him to climb professionally many mountains in Peru and Bolivia. Extensive expeditions, studies, and experiences have made him one of the foremost experts in Peru. He is the Chairman of the Andean Research Institute (ARI), a foundation dedicated to the preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and Ecology of the Rainforest. Jose Luis is highly respected and a recognized steward and teacher of indigenous and healing technologies. He’s the director of the Rainbow Jaguar Institute and teaches Cross Cultural Shamanism and Healing in the Americas and Europe. His prestigious shamanic healing school has mentored, trained, and empowered hundreds of individuals and shamanic practitioners.

This is a rare opportunity to work with a master.  

Join us in this experiential, hands-on program to unfold our dormant seer within!

This residential retreat is open now for registration. It will take place in the magical Claymont Society Mansion Retreat Center. With over 350 acres. We will have ample opportunities to be on the land and to enjoy ceremonial fires. They will provide us with divine local food for the nourishment of our bodies while opening up our inner wisdom to these ancient teachings.

Its easy to get to Claymont and close to international airports. 

Baltimore /Washington International Airport 1 hour & 15 minutes

Dulles International Airport 55 minutes

All inclusive retreat includes all teachings, and healing modalities, single (add additional $100), & double occupancy and 9 nutritious prepared meals. 


Cost: $855.00 

Deposit: $310.00

After July 30th, Cost: $930.00

I accept credit cards (3% charge), checks made out to Pamela Panneton, mailed to: 610 Tanglewood Dr. Sykesville, Md. 21784

To contact Pamela go to the contact page of this website or call 410-978-2066

Spiritual Journey to Peru

Spiritual Journey to Peru

 In 2020 More information to come.

Itinerary & Registration Information

Files coming soon.