Pamela Panneton has an office and class room in Sykesville, Maryland. She accepts appointments for healing sessions in Shamanic Energy Medicine, Despacho Ceremonies, and Quantum Hypnosis Past life therapy.


Pamela teaches Andean Shamanism, Shamanic Journeying, and  Healing with Crystals. She performs fire ceremonies and for several years has hosted many highly  gifted in the indigenous healing arts in her home and on her land.

 I will organize and tailor your educational program for you, one day talks, weekend retreats or spiritual journeys abroad.  

Services Offered

Journeying & Power Animal Retrieval

Private instruction or in-group. Learning to journey is an enjoyable and beneficial tool that is easy to learn. Journeying will assist you in claiming your own power and confirming your relationship with spirit. Then using the Shamanic journey you will find and return with a power animal or ally.


Rid yourself of intrusive misplaced energy that maybe present in your body, your energy bubble, or your home or office, causing illness or discomfort. When these kinds of energies are cleared, there is a renewed life force available.

Soul Retrieval

When faced with trauma, either physical or emotional our soul may lose a part of it's self that benefits the whole. During soul retrieval, a shamanic practitioner will seek out, find and return the fractured pieces of the soul to the body of the client.
This may require 3-5 sessions.


A healing procedure in which the shaman will diagnose and remove energy foreign to the clients body.

Distance Healings

The Shaman use's an altered state of consciousness, and travels to the client for her/his healing to restore balance and equilibrium.

Flowering Bath

The baths are very grounding, cleansing, and powerful for protection, as well as removing heavy energy. The shaman uses herbs, flowers, essential oils, bells, and prayers.

Despacho Ceremonies

In the Andean practice of Shamanism, the despacho plays a big role. The despacho is a ritual offering to the "Mother", Pachamama, the "Mountain Spirits" or Apus, the elementals and spirits of the land and heavens. The offering is created on behalf of the client for his or her healing, comprised of seeds, sweets, flowers and a variety of other items symbolizing reciprocity, reverence and thanksgiving. The Shaman then takes the  despacho to the fire, to the water, or buries it for the "Mother" and ancients to feast upon the gifts of gratitude to balance the sacred reciprocity (ayni), all on behalf of the client.

Crystal Bed Therapy


Many who go to Abadiania in search of physical and spiritual healing are prescribed to bathe in the Crystal bed and most value their effects. Science has demonstrated the ability of light to change the shape of protein molecules, enhancing their functionality in the body. The proteins in our cells have been observed to vibrate at the same frequency, or color, of the applied light. Each of the crystals is positioned over the bed with the appropriate light vibration focused on each chakra. These special crystals increase the power of the human body cells and help purify the body and soul. They assist in bringing people to the perfect state of spiritual integration. This means that the power of quartz crystals can assist with contact of higher powers, “God Source”, since we are all children of light. The crystal bed is an important link between the entities of the Casa and the body. It has been reported to assist healing on a mental, spiritual and physical level, bringing comfort and clarity.

The crystal is amplified when light & color cross through it. The crystal bed emits light corresponding to the 7 main charkas. This treatment increases the immune system and balances the charkas and is suitable for all types of physical and psychological problems. There have also been positive reports of assisting the anti-ageing process. 

I was given permission to bring one of these beds to my office and I welcome appointments for 20, 40 or 60 min. sessions at one dollar a minute or now offering packages buy two sessions and receive one free. What this allows is consistent prolonged treatment for issues that have been persistent. Call  for appointments. The patient is not touched and stays completely clothed during session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a method of past-life regression therapy that  contacts the “Source of all Knowledge” or the “Higher Self” to facilitate  healing and receive spiritual solutions to personal questions. The information  given in a private session will be directed to those areas of your life that  are stressors or blocks to your highest potential. Subjects vary to the clients  needs: relationships, past life/karmic healing, phobias, business, pain and  physical challenges, self-esteem, career/life path, financial, emotional or  spiritual health. The sessions are about 3-4 hours in length and are taped for  later listening.

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Additional Information

All healing work comes from the heart and payment is accepted on a sliding scale basis. Cost is based on a $75.00 a session. Most sessions average about 1 1/2-2 hours. You can pay more if you can and less if you can't.

Sessions are by appointment only.

Call 410-978-2066 or pspanneton@gmail.com to set up an appointment. A 24-hour notice is needed for cancellations. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Shamanism is a healing practice that focuses on the spiritual aspects of healing.
        Shamanic work should not be considered as a substitute for medical attention. The work I do is
        spiritual in nature and not in any way related to the medical profession.